The Differences between Normal and Zirconia Dental Implants

Dental Implant Patients Smiling Together While Eating Dinner

Are you looking for a way to replace missing teeth? Are you tired of not being able to smile big and you lack confidence? With new and improved technology, options for teeth replacements are in more abundance than ever before. Being holistic and using little to no metal is now the new approach in the […]

Wondering How To Deal With Your Loose Dentures?

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Have you noticed that, over time, your denture device is not as tight as they once were when you first received them? This is a common occurrence for those that wear dentures. Over time your dentures tend to loosen and lose their shape. Some people employ temporary fixes such as adhesives that can be purchased […]

LANAP! A Dental Fad Or Something You Should Consider For Gum Disease Treatment?

Questioning Dental Patient Wondering About LANAP Treatment

Were you recently diagnosed with gum disease? Trying to figure out the best treatment? LANAP is a new and improved way to treat gum disease! At our facilities in Manhattan, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut, we use the safest and most reliable technology which, right now, is LANAP. But what is LANAP and how is […]

For Men’s Health Week, Get Your Dental Implant Checked Up!

Dental Patient Smiling With His Dental Implant Smile

June is a month that’s not just devoted to dads. It’s devoted to all men. In fact, men’s health is frequently celebrated alongside Father’s Day. This year, make sure to remind the special guy in your life to get a dental implant check-up. Although dental implants tend to be worry-free solutions to missing teeth, they […]

InvisalignⓇ: A More Convenient Orthodontic Treatment!

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Many patients think of cosmetic dentistry as nice-to-have rather than need-to-have. However, they forget that cosmetic dentistry options like orthodontics have practical sides, too. As an example, people with straighter teeth and corrected bites are less at risk of developing some common dental conditions including gum recession, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. In other words, […]

I Have A Metal Allergy! Can I Have Dental Implants?

Questioning Dental Patient

Though metal allergies are less common than other types of allergies, they affect some people. You might be one of them! But does that mean you have to take dental implants off the table if you want to replace your missing teeth. Not at all. In fact, many people with metal allergies are relieved and […]