The Differences between Normal and Zirconia Dental Implants

Dental Implant Patients Smiling Together While Eating Dinner

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Dental Implant Patients Smiling Together While Eating Dinner

Are you looking for a way to replace missing teeth? Are you tired of not being able to smile big and you lack confidence? With new and improved technology, options for teeth replacements are in more abundance than ever before. Being holistic and using little to no metal is now the new approach in the dental industry. A dentist can help you choose the best option for you between zirconia and titanium dental implants to get you smiling big and wide in no time and regain a confidence like none before.


What Are Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia dental implants are implants created to preserve jaw bone and look like the natural root of the tooth, all while giving the smile more aesthetic and function. For over 20 years, zirconia has been used throughout the medical field because of its durability natural, strength and the way that it performs under pressure. A lot of patients are siding more with hypoallergenic and more holistic options for teeth replacements due to the popularity of the alternative material for a dental implant. Retention of less plaque and bacteria, in recent studies, due to the use of zirconia in implants and abutments. Bacteria, elimination of retention of plaque around of the gum line and a huge reduction of the risk of inflammation and infectious diseases, thanks to the new and improve cutting edge technology. Zirconia dental implants are an FDA approved alternative to traditional titanium implants.

Zirconia vs. Titanium Dental Implants

  • No metal; great for patients with allergies to titanium
  • Improvement of aesthetics via ceramic implants
  • Improvement of gum health by single piece system
  • Strong, durable and bio-compatible
  • Holistic alternative to metal implants
  • Resistant to heat and not corrosive
  • Preserves the jaw bone

Dr. Alexander Volchonok and his talented team at AVPeriodontics dental practice can assist you with regaining the confidence that you lack to show your beautiful smile again through either zirconia or titanium dental implants. Extreme precision and attention to detail must be at the forefront of your brain to make sure the orientation and angel of the dental implant is just right because of the advanced approach of zirconia. Dr. Volchonok and his highly skilled team’s passion and expertise in dental implants, reassures that he and his team and are taking precaution and extreme care when placing the implant. Dr. Volchonok brings a custom and highly specialized approach, to give your dental implant placement the highest level or precision, by utilizing the highest level of technology including but not limited to 3D cone beam imaging and guided implant surgery.


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