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Periodontal Care from a Skilled Specialist

Welcome to AVPeriodontics in New York, NY. A board-certified periodontist and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, our doctor, Dr. Alexander Volchonok, is a specialist on the leading-edge of his field. 

An advocate for each patient’s unique needs, he offers custom, specialized care using advanced technology. An award-winning clinician, he is also the founder and director of the NYC Interdisciplinary Study Club and frequently lectures for his peers. 

Dr. Volchonok is dedicated to learning and applying the latest techniques in his field allowing patients to expect a variety of minimally invasive and lasting treatment options at our practice including dental implants, laser gum disease therapy and gum recession treatment.

Some of Our services include

According to clinicians and patients alike, dental implants are the leading long-term tooth replacement solution today. Unlike other restoration options, dental implant posts are placed directly into the jaw bone encouraging healthy bone growth and renewed oral function including your ability to eat, speak and smile again. Our practice places each dental implant using 3D cone beam imaging technology and guided treatment plans for precise and lasting results. As a dental implants specialist, Volchonok offers a variety of treatment options and takes pride in renewing patients’ smiles, improving their daily lives and restoring their confidence with implantology.

Gum disease, if left untreated, can spread infection throughout the body and lead to tooth loss as well as heart and respiratory diseases. No matter what stage of gum disease you are experiencing, receiving proper care from a qualified periodontist is essential to maintaining your oral as well as your overall health. Understanding the importance of this care, Dr. Volchonok offers LANAP®, a minimally invasive option with faster healing times and less discomfort. Using dental laser technology, this procedure treats gum disease without the use of scalpels and sutures and can treat multiple teeth in one visit.

Untreated gum recession may lead to sensitive teeth, gum disease, loose teeth and tooth loss. Our team knows that taking time out of your busy schedule can be difficult for even the most important of treatments which is why Dr. Volchonok offers the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™). The latest technique for correcting receding gums, PST can treat multiple areas of gum recession in just one appointment without the long healing times of traditional gum grafting. A certified PST provider, Dr. Volchonok recommends this treatment for those in need of fast, convenient gum recession treatment for a healthy and balanced smile.

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