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Advanced Technology Enhances Oral Health

Precision diagnostics. Optimal treatment outcomes. These are two of the exciting changes advanced technology brings to periodontal and implant care. Choosing a specialist who stays up-to-date with technology and clinical techniques affords many benefits to your health and smile. But perhaps the greatest benefit is that of improved patient comfort. From pain-free procedures to high-end cosmetic results, we utilize advanced technology to the fullest potential. Dr. Alexander Volchonok and our team are excited to offer the latest in innovative technology. Our advanced approach restores oral health with the most streamlined, effective procedures available today.


Let Our Advanced Technology Benefit Your Smile

We proudly offer the highest standard of care today. No matter your periodontal or dental implant needs, you can take full advantage of our concierge approach to treatment. The services we offer are carefully chosen by Dr. Volchonok to provide the most favorable treatment outcomes and quality you deserve. Some of the exciting technology we offer includes:
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Minimally Invasive Care, Better Dental Experiences

Dr. Volchonok is renowned for performing normally invasive procedures in the least invasive, most comfortable way possible. Our advanced services offer safer care and more predictable results for your smile. For instance, Dr. Volchonok uses advanced imaging for the planning and placement of dental implants. This process requires extreme accuracy, which is greatly improved through in-office 3D imaging technology. Dr. Volchonok has also developed his own novel approaches to sinus lifts. Usuing advanced imaging and scope technology he is able to complete the procedure in a fraction of the normal time and often with minimal to no down time for patients afterwards. PIEZOSURGERY® is another technique used in our practice. This approach is praised for preserving oral tissues stimulating the body’s own healing response. For patients this means a gentler surgery and faster recovery.
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The Proof is in Our Patients

Dr. Volchonok was extremely pleasant and friendly during the whole process. He took the time to explain everything and answer any questions before and after my appointments. During the day of my surgery he ensured I was numb including longer lasting novocain to help with pain management. The best review I can give any dental procedure is I felt no pain during the process. No dental surgery is fun to have, but to get through it with the least amount of pain is a A+ in my book. I highly recommend Dr. Volchonok.

Pete F. (Verified Patient)

Explore the exciting changes technology offers your smile and oral health!

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