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A Great Smile Begins with Cosmetic Dentistry

A gorgeous, healthy smile is something to be proud of. But many factors often stand in the way of reaching cosmetic goals. From poor gum health to tooth loss, getting the confident smile you deserve may be a challenge. Dr. Alexander Volchonok offers solutions that improve periodontal health and create a stunning, confident smile. Our exciting cosmetic dentistry options are life-changing. We use the Digital Smile Design program for planning your personalized care. This step-by-step tool gives you a glimpse of the transformation process and the final, brilliant result.

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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do for You?

Cosmetic dentistry breathes life back into your smile. A recent accident, changes in your diet or a history of oral problems may have affected your appearance. But a fantastic smile can still be yours to enjoy. Dr. Volchonok is an Ivy League trained periodontist and oral implantologist who is skilled in treating a variety of conditions including those frequently problematic for the smile.
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Place Your Smile and Oral Health in the Hands of a Dedicated Professional

Dr. Volchonok and our team are passionate about changing lives through high-quality care and positive experiences. We use advanced technology for the most minimally invasive, comfortable care available. Dr. Volchonok lectures worldwide on progressive topics like cosmetic implant dentistry and laser dentistry techniques. Dr. Volchonok is the periodontal and implant specialist other dentists turn to for treating the specialized needs of their patients.

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Change your smile and change your life with advanced cosmetic dentistry!

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