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Advanced Laser Dentistry To Gently And Effectively Treat Gum Disease

"The LANAP procedure improved the condition of my gum disease"

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Eradicate Gum Disease with Gentle Laser Therapy

Traditional osseous surgery is no longer the only solution to treat gum (periodontal) disease and peri-implantitis (gum disease surrounding a dental implant). You can now receive gentle, minimally invasive treatment for these conditions with the help of our state-of-the-art dental laser.

Dr. Alexander Volchonok is a certified provider of LANAP® and LAPIP® laser dentistry for all forms of gum disease, including disease affecting dental implants. Laser treatment uses gentle laser light to eradicate disease and infected gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed—all without the need for scalpels or sutures.

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The advantages of LANAP and LAPIP laser treatment include:

The LANAP and LAPIP Process

Both LANAP and LAPIP are performed in similar ways. Dr. Volchonok will gently insert the dental laser between your gums and teeth to vaporize bacteria and dead tissue from around your tooth roots or dental implants.

The tooth root or implant post surface is then cleaned of plaque buildup and the surrounding jaw bone is reshaped to allow for healthy gum tissue reattachment. The dental laser is then used again to help form blood clots to promote a quicker healing time. This treatment allows the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth root or implant post and restore health to the mouth.

Laser Dentistry is Proven to be Effective and Gentle

Your comfort is our top priority at AVPeriodontics, which is why we invested in advanced laser treatment for gum disease. If gum disease or periodontitis is threatening your teeth and oral health, our LANAP therapy can quickly and efficiently restore health to the affected location, saving your natural teeth.

For those with dental implants, LAPIP has been shown to be an effective treatment for saving your dental implant investment from failing due to lost bone and gum tissue. Most patients experience a high level of satisfaction after receiving laser dentistry from Dr. Volchonok, thanks to his experience in gum disease treatment and specialty in periodontics.

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