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Dentures have stood the test of time and are still in wide use for tooth replacement today. While they offer generally acceptable performance, they do have their downsides. If you’re already wearing dentures you may know these all too well. Dentures stay in place with suction or adhesive pastes. Through jawbone recession and wear they can come loose—often at the worst times. You may be eating or speaking with a friend and the dentures suddenly slip, embarrassing you. Their instability can also cause painful friction against your gums. If these concern you, our tooth replacement specialists at AV Periodontics encourage you to consider options that put an end to loose dentures in Manhattan, NY & Greenwich, CT.

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We’re pleased to offer three solutions for replacing all your failing or missing teeth: traditional dentures, implant supported dentures, and permanent full mouth dental implants. Dentures, though the initially most affordable option, aren’t a long-term solution and may cause more problems than they solve over time. Implant supported dentures are dentures attached to dental implants that provide greater stability and function. Full mouth dental implants are the ultimate in full arch rehabilitation, permanently replacing all your failing or missing teeth with a fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants.

While dentures seem like the “quick fix” for missing teeth, it’s important to know that healthier and more permanent solutions exist! Our cosmetic and implant dentist in Manhattan, NY & Greenwich, CT, is specifically trained in providing dental implants and has years of experience placing and restoring this life-changing solution. We invite you to learn about the process of receiving dental implants—a long-lasting, functional, and healthy alternative to removable dentures.


Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Our periodontist has completed additional years outside of dental school to specialize in dental implants, in addition to soft tissue treatments and bone grafting. With such a repertoire of unique skills and experience, we’re highly qualified to provide treatment after missing teeth, including rebuilding lost jawbone. As an added benefit to your treatment, our periodontist is a gum expert, with the capabilities and talent to optimize soft tissue aesthetics as well as promote long-term function with dental implant solutions. We take from years of focused experience to provide the best treatment option for your current situation and oral health goals—expert care that reveals truly amazing and long-lasting results!

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