Achieve implant success with minimally invasive sinus augmentation

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What is Sinus Augmentation?

Tooth loss in the upper molar and premolar areas presents a challenge when it comes to placing implants. Bone in these sites is often inadequate to support dental implants. This may be due to gum disease, tooth loss or expansion of the sinus cavity. In such cases, a procedure known as a sinus lift (augmentation) is recommended. A sinus lift adds bone in or around the sinus cavity to improve bone tissue levels. Thanks to modern technology, the process for performing a sinus lift has become much easier for patients. Dr. Alexander Volchonok offers a minimally invasive sinus lift technique designed to increase bone and enable implant placement.

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A Sinus Lift Improves Your Chance of Implant Success

The goal of a sinus lift is to increase the amount of bone to allow for successful implant placement. The procedure is performed by gently lifting the sinus floor and placing bone to increase jaw bone density. Once the bone integrates with surrounding tissue, implants can be successfully placed and maintained. Dr. Volchonok uses the following advanced, minimally invasive procedures to perform sinus lifts: The Crestal Sinus Elevation Approach ensures greater patient safety and comfort. This technique uses specialized instruments for improved accuracy and a minimally invasive approach. Dr. Volchonok prefers this method if you are a candidate because it allows for greater patient comfort, little to no sutures, minimal pain and often cuts down on the time to get your dental implants by up to 50 percent. PIEZOSURGERY® allows for greater precision, comfort and safety when performing bone surgeries. This highly specific ultrasonic system targets only bone, leaving soft tissue intact

Expect a Comfortable, Positive Sinus Lift Experience

Dr. Volchonok and our team want you to get the advanced care you need in the most comfortable way possible. We invest in modern technology, proven to enhance your experience and get you back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. Our techniques ensure you experience minimal discomfort during your sinus lift procedure. Let us help you achieve the lasting, life-changing results you deserve!

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