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Dr. Volchonok Discusses Advanced Technology In Periodontics

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What is Bone Grafting?

The jaw bone serves a number of important roles, from cosmetic to functional. Bone loss in this area has a serious impact on factors like your appearance, the stability of your teeth, and your future oral health. Jaw bone loss is typically caused by periodontal disease, injury or trauma, or tooth loss. Bone grafting is an advanced procedure designed to replace lost bone in the jaw. When bone loss occurs, you may need bone grafting to rebuild the foundation of your smile. This is particularly true if you have lost teeth and need dental implants for tooth replacement.
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Create a Stable Foundation for Implants with Bone Grafting Services

Dental implants integrate with your jaw bone to form a solid, stable connection. Like teeth, they need adequate levels of bone to function properly. Implant success is directly impacted by the quality and quantity of surrounding bone. If you have bone loss, a bone grafting procedure can prepare your jaw for receiving implants. The process involves adding bone tissue to areas in need and allowing the graft to fuse with the existing bone.
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Experience Comfortable, Cutting-Edge Care From a Specialist

Dr. Alexander Volchonok is an Ivy League trained periodontal specialist, and is experienced in performing bone grafting and implant procedures. In fact, he is a renowned lecturer on advanced bone augmentation procedures. Dr. Volchonok and our caring team take specific steps to provide total comfort throughout your procedure. We also offer sedation services for stress-free, painless visits. Dr. Volchonok’s use of modern techniques helps ensure proper healing and a smooth return to normal daily activities. Receive the advanced bone grafting care you need for a healthy, beautiful smile!

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