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When It Comes to Your Health, Only the Most Comfortable Care Will Do

Fear and anxiety. These are both barriers to dental treatment for many. Is fear or anxiety keeping you away from the care you need? Anything from simple periodontal maintenance cleanings to complex implant surgery may cause anxiety, but putting off dental care is never a good idea. Instead, put your fear to rest with sedation solutions from Dr. Volchonok. Our relaxing sedation options may be just what you need to help you start your journey towards a vibrant smile and oral health.

Zero Stress, Total Comfort

Our commitment to our patients is providing world-class, minimally invasive care in the most comfortable way possible. We offer several sedation services to create relaxing, stress-free visits. With The Wand® anesthesia, we provide a syringe-free, more pleasant way to receive local anesthetic directly at the treatment site. For IV sedation, we bring in an experienced, licensed anesthesiologist. This two-doctor approach allows Dr. Volchonok to focus solely on your care while our anesthesiologist ensures your total comfort.

Relax, and enjoy stress-free visits with sedation options like:

dental patient taking oral sedation

Oral Sedation

As you may have assumed, oral sedation is a prescribed medication you take orally. In some cases, it can be taken an hour before your treatment or upon arrival to our Manhattan, NY & Greenwich, CT office. Depending on the type of medication as well as the potency of your prescription you may feel anything from a moderate decrease in anxiety to feeling so relaxed you fall asleep in the chair! We’ll provide detailed guidance on the sedation we provide you including whether or not you’ll need someone to drive you home after your appointment.

dental patient under nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Sometimes called “laughing gas” nitrous oxide is a gaseous medication you inhale through a nasal mask. Although you likely won’t laugh, you will feel drowsy and relaxed throughout your treatment. Expect to remain conscious, relaxed, and responsive throughout your care. After treatment is done, we’ll stop the nitrous oxide so you only breathe oxygen. The effects will wear off quickly allowing you to drive yourself home.


IV sedation

This is a strong form of sedation that is administered intravenously. IV sedation is reserved for more complex procedures or for those with extreme dental anxiety
dental patient relaxed

The Wand® local anesthesia

The Wand provides a near pain-less, local anesthetic administered directly to the treatment site
sedation dentistry patient

Sedation is Your Key to Enjoying Better Oral Health

Sedation gives you the chance to experience life-changing dental care in complete comfort. Our sedation solutions have helped patients just like you overcome their fear of the dentist. Sedation is key to helping create positive dental experiences, no matter your level of fear. Benefits of sedation dentistry include:

You deserve the highest standard of care available today.

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