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Dr. Volchonok Talks About Incorporating Orthodontics into Periodontal Treatment

Incorporate Orthodontics Into Your Periodontal Treatment Plan

Have you been told you are not a candidate for braces because of periodontal issues? Do not give up on your dream smile just yet! Dr. Alexander Volchonok offers advanced orthodontic treatment designed to work with your periodontal care. His unique understanding of the jaw bone is key when straightening teeth is necessary or desired. Periodontal problems like gum disease and bone loss often make traditional braces an unlikely option. But advanced orthodontic solutions from Dr. Volchonok can actually complement your periodontal care. A straight, beautiful smile is closer than you think!

Advanced Orthodontic Solutions Restore Confidence to Your Smile

Your orthodontic treatment may be carried out before, after or in combination with your periodontal procedures. A private consultation with Dr. Volchonok provides the chance to discuss your personal smile goals and periodontal needs. Together, we can determine the best course of treatment and plan accordingly.

Our advanced orthodontic services include:


This method offers the ultimate in discretion. Clear, comfortable aligners gently move your teeth until they reach their ideal position.

Periodontally Accelerated Orhtodontics

This accelerated treatment eases tooth movement through bone augmentation. You can often reach your desired smile three to four times faster than traditional methods.

Orthodontics Offers More Than Straight Teeth

Aligning your teeth brings many benefits to your smile, but pairing this treatment with other services helps you take back your confidence, health and quality of life. Crooked or misaligned teeth may even be contributing to your periodontal problems as they are much more difficult to clean properly. Specialized care from Dr. Volchonok addresses both issues, leaving you with a flawless, healthy smile. Advanced whitening is also available to brighten your teeth after orthodontic care. Combining braces with other services affords advantages like:

  • Straight teeth
  • Bright, white smile
  • Solid biting function
  • Even, healthy gums
  • Easier hygiene routines
  • Reduced risk of decay

Are you ready to wear your best smile yet? Call today to learn more about straightening your teeth with our advanced orthodontic solutions!

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