LANAP! A Dental Fad Or Something You Should Consider For Gum Disease Treatment?

Questioning Dental Patient Wondering About LANAP Treatment

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Questioning Dental Patient Wondering About LANAP Treatment

Were you recently diagnosed with gum disease? Trying to figure out the best treatment? LANAP is a new and improved way to treat gum disease! At our facilities in Manhattan, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut, we use the safest and most reliable technology which, right now, is LANAP. But what is LANAP and how is it different from traditional surgery? 


LANAP vs. Traditional Surgery

Traditional Osseous Surgery is the time and true practice many have used to treat gum disease for many years. Traditional surgery effectively works to remove inflamed and infected tissue in and around the roots of teeth. The incisions made during surgery are stitched up and can take, in many cases, up to a couple of months to fully heal. This also required a one tooth at a time approach as to avoid infections of doing multiple teeth in one appointment.

LANAP is a very different process to that of traditional surgery. LANAP is a more recent discovery that has made the treatment of gum disease much quicker and has allowed for an easier and quicker healing time. This process is done using laser technology which can effectively distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissue, target bacteria and other harmful agents and eliminate them, and using a gel-clotting material to heal the area using stem-cells. Laser technology allows for a dentist to get hard to reach areas with traditional tools and avoid other complications such as nerve damage.

What this means is LANAP requires no scalpels, no sutures, and can treat all infected areas in one appointment. This allows for the best opportunity for your natural bone and gum structures to heal and regrow. Because there are less sharp metal tools in your mouth, LANAP has proven to have less complications than traditional surgery and shows far greater results than traditional surgery.


Not A Fad, LANAP is the Future

Make a lasting impact on your fight against gum disease and consider a LANAP treatment. LANAP is slowly becoming more common and is proving to be the best way to treat gum disease.

But why settle for any dentist when you could have a professional? Dr. Alexander Volchonok, a dual ivy-league board-certified periodontist with substantial amounts of training in minimally invasive surgeries using laser technology. Who could be a more perfect fit? With tons of patients served with happy results, Dr. Volchonok is your best bet for an effective, safe, and healthy treatment of your gum disease.

If you are wanting to discuss more about LANAP and see if it is the best treatment for you, consider setting up a consultation to meet Dr. Volchonok. Call (347) 706-1558 for our office in Manhattan, NY or (203) 816-6696 for our office in Greenwich, CT. Let us give you the best possible treatment and help you on your journey to better gum health!

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