The Gentle Alternative to Gum Grafting

Man Smiling After Gum Grafting

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Man Smiling After Gum Grafting

Your gums serve a very important role in the mouth. Not only do your gums frame your smile, but they help hold your teeth in place and protect the sensitive tooth roots from damage. But gum recession is a common problem many patients experience. Gum recession is when the soft gum tissue begins to pull away from the teeth due to bacteria and plaque buildup around the teeth and gums. When the gums pull away, they no longer protect your teeth and it often looks unattractive within the smile. The traditional solution to gum recession is with gum grafting techniques, but many patients find this to be a painful solution with a long healing time. If you are seeking a gentle, solution to gum recession and want to experience almost immediate results, consider asking your dentist about the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST). This approach can help improve gum recession without scalpels, sutures, or excessive bleeding.


How the Pinhole Surgical Technique Works
Differing itself from traditional gum grafting, PST can offer similar results without the need for cutting, grafting, sutures, or bleeding. The PST process uses ultra-fine tools to gently reposition the existing gum tissue rather than suturing new tissue over top. Before treatment begins, the affected teeth will need to be cleansed of bacteria, debris, and plaque, which is likely what caused the gum recession in the first place. During treatment, your doctor will make tiny pinholes within the gum tissue just above affected teeth. Using small instruments, the gum tissue itself will be gently positioned down back over the teeth to cover tooth roots and improve the smile aesthetics. Finally, collagen strips are placed within the gums to help hold the tissue in place.

Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • Quick treatment time
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Minimal sedation needed
  • Immediate results
  • Complete an entire mouth in one sitting

The Right Option for Your Health
Choosing PST over traditional gum grafting is often the case for those seeking a gentle and minimally invasive solution to their gum recession concerns. However, you must ask your doctor if they are certified to offer this treatment. To offer PST, doctors must complete an extensive certification course to show they have mastered the treatment. This option is excellent for those seeking a timely solution to gum recession or who want to get results without the discomfort of traditional gum grafting.


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If you’re seeking a solution to gum recession, reach out to your local dentist, Dr. Alexander Volchonok, in our office in New York, NY and set up a consultation.

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