4 Reasons Why People Choose Dental Implants to Improve Their Smile

Woman After Dental Implant Procedures

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Woman After Dental Implant Procedures

When it comes to having a natural looking and feeling smile for those with aged, failing, or missing teeth, dental implants are the best solution. Dental implants are often considered to be the gold standard solution for tooth replacement as they provide a beautiful appearance combined with proper oral function. But there are many reasons why someone might choose to have implants placed, and their reasoning can range from functional concerns to cosmetic worries. No matter the reason, dental implants are an excellent alternative if your natural teeth are beyond saving.


Common Reasons for Dental Implants

  • Fill in a Smile Gap
    Patients who are missing one or more teeth often want to fill in their gap to complete their smile again. An incomplete smile often decreases self-esteem as people become embarrassed about the way they look. Often, these patients find themselves hiding their teeth when they laugh or smiling with their mouth closed all the time. Using dental implants to fill in the missing teeth can restore confidence and self-respect in many patients.
  • Restore the Ability to Eat Favorite Foods
    For many patients who suffer from tooth loss or failing teeth, the inability to eat certain foods becomes an everyday reality. Our teeth are used to bite, chew, tear, and break down food, but when teeth are missing or unhealthy, they lose this functionality. This results in a bland diet of soft foods and often the inability to eat favorite foods. By replacing these missing and failing teeth with implants, a patient can restore their ability to eat virtually any food again!
  • Frustrated with Dentures
    Long time denture wearers can often tell you of the problems they have had to face at some point in their lives regarding their removable dentures. These stories range from the embarrassment of dentures falling out to the discomfort they create when pinching the gums. Those patients who have worn dentures for a long time often want to change to something more simple, convenient, and pain-free. Dental implants offer this solution through full mouth dental implants or even implant supported dentures. With these options, patients can have a new and improved bite without any of the problems dentures presented.
  • Prevent Facial Shape Change
    Patients who have lived with tooth loss for several years often find their facial shape start to change. This is because their jaw bone is beginning to lose volume do to lack of stimulation and necessity. The primary purpose of the bone in our jaw is to support our teeth. Without teeth, the bone begins to naturally deteriorate and thin. This ultimately changes a patient’s facial shape overall. Often, this creates a more sunken in appearance or a smaller and more round face. By placing dental implants, patients are able to keep their jaw bone healthy by encouraging bone growth. This also maintains facial shape and keeps patient’s looking youthful.


What are Your Reasons for Implants?
Talk with your doctor about getting dental implants! Reach out to your local dentist, Dr. Alexander Volchonok, in our office in Greenwich, CT and set up a consultation.

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