How Osseous Surgery Works and Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Posted on March 30, 2020

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On its own, the term “surgery” can be frightening enough. Combined with the term “osseous,” which means bony, it can feel even more frightening. But while osseous surgery may have a scary name, there’s no reason to fear it. In truth, osseous surgery is more akin to a deep teeth cleaning procedure than what most people think of when they hear the term “surgery.” This procedure is relatively pain free and it can help get gum disease under control, helping prevent the need for more involved surgical procedures. Take a look at osseous surgery to find out how it works and why you shouldn’t try to avoid it if you need it.

How Osseous Surgery Works

A deep cleaning, known as “scaling and root planing,” takes the standard teeth cleaning procedure even deeper to clean the roots of teeth. And osseous surgery takes deep cleaning even deeper. A standard cleaning becomes necessary when plaque hardened into tartar on the teeth. A deep cleaning is needed with that tartar dips below the gum line. And osseous surgery is needed when the bone supported the teeth starts decaying.

Here’s an overview of how osseous surgery is carried out:

  • The mouth is numbed with a shot of a local anesthetic
  • The gums are released to access the bone and tooth roots underneath
  • Tartar, decaying bone and other decay are removed
  • The roots of the teeth are smoothed to help eliminate or reduce bacterial pockets between the roots and gums
  • The gum and bone tissue are contoured, and the gums are stitched back into place

Osseous surgery can be critical in regaining control over a mouth ravaged by gum disease. You won’t experience much, if any, discomfort during your procedure. Once your mouth has healed, you should find it easier to brush, floss and maintain your oral health.

While osseous surgery shouldn’t be feared, it can be avoided by checking in with your dentist. How soon you seek help could be the difference between needing only a basic cleaning, a deep cleaning or osseous surgery.

Treatment for Gum Disease in Greenwich, CT

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