Wondering How Zirconia Dental Implants In New York, NY Are Expertly Placed?

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When people with one or more missing teeth want a more holistic and metal-free tooth replacement option, then they should go to a periodontist to get treated with zirconia dental implants in New York, NY. Zirconia dental implants will give patients a more natural-looking, biocompatible, and durable new smile. The zirconia dental implants will be customized to the patients smile so that they get the exact results they need and deserve.

Interested to learn in more detail about how zirconia dental implants are expertly placed? Continue reading to learn more about how zirconia dental implants are expertly placed.

How Zirconia Dental Implants In New York, NY Are Expertly Placed

At a caring and dedicated periodontist’s practice, zirconia dental implants can be strategically placed. The precise placement of zirconia dental implants is the result of the practices’ advanced, cutting-edge technologies. Cutting-edge technologies used to expertly place zirconia dental implants are 3D cone beam imaging and guided dental implant surgery.

The 3D cone beam imaging provides the periodontist with a detailed view of the patient’s jaw structure, allowing them to accurately plan out the patient’s zirconia dental implant placement surgery. This imaging technique reveals vital details of the patient’s oral structures, like their jawbone density and the location of their nerves and sinuses. With 3D cone beam imaging, zirconia dental implants are superiorly and predictably placed in the patient’s jawbone.

Following the use of the 3D imaging technology for the exact placement of the zirconia dental implants, the periodontist will also use guided dental implant surgery. Guided dental implant surgery is used to leverage the data gathered from the 3D imaging technology to create a surgical guide.

This surgical guide directs the periodontist in accurately placing the zirconia dental implants in the areas of the patient’s jawbone where they have enough jawbone density to support them.

After My Zirconia Dental Implants Are Expertly Placed, How Will They Benefit My Smile?

Once a zirconia dental implant has been accurately placed in the patient’s mouth, it can benefit their oral health. Specifically, zirconia dental implants retain less plaque and bacteria buildup. Zirconia dental implants (the post and the abutment) will benefit the patient’s smile because they retain less plaque and bacteria compared to other materials used for dental implants.

Because zirconia dental implants retain less plaque and bacteria, they will make it easier for the patient to maintain their oral hygiene and long-term dental health. The smooth, non-porous surface of zirconia is less conducive to the adherence and growth of harmful microorganisms, helping to keep the patient’s gums and surrounding teeth healthy.


As a result, zirconia dental implant patients are at reduced risk of having inflammation and gum disease associated with bacterial buildup. The following are the main reasons why zirconia dental implants benefit a patient’s smile:

  • Are a metal-free tooth replacement option
  • Ceramic dental implant material improves the patient’s smile aesthetics
  • It is a single-piece system that improves the patients gum health
  • Zirconia material is bio-compatible, strong, and durable
  • Is a holistic alternative to metal dental implants
  • Are non-corrosive and heat-resistant
  • Preserves the patients jawbone density and volume

Why Should I Get A Zirconia Fixed Bridge Attached To My Zirconia Dental Implants?

A custom-made zirconia fixed bridge should be attached to zirconia dental implants with abutments for these reasons:

  • Gives patients natural looking new teeth
  • Are long-lasting and durable
  • Are stain and odor resistant
  • Are biocompatible and nonporous
  • The color, shape, and size of the zirconia fixed bridge is customized for each patient

See Us Now So We Can Transform Your Smile With Zirconia Dental Implants

When you come to our state-of-the-art practice, we can give you the exact new smile of your dreams with zirconia dental implants. With zirconia dental implants, you will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile with ease. By properly caring for and maintaining your zirconia dental implants, you will be able to keep your new smile for years to come.

Why wait to get an excellent new smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Alexander Volchonok, Dr. Michele Volchonok, and our exceptional team at our AVPeriodontics practice to schedule an appointment today!

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