Who Should Place Your Dental Implants?

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Since implants are such a versatile tooth replacement option, they are used in a diverse range of situations. That means many dental professionals are trained in their placement and the aftercare associated with it. That does not mean every professional is equally suited to the task, though. Some specialties receive more training with certain techniques than others, according to the needs of their field and the kinds of patients they will likely see. That is why you should look for a periodontist in Manhattan, NY, if you are serious about getting the most out of your dental implants.

Extra Training Is Part of the Specialty

Since periodontists focus on the treatment of gum disease as their main professional interest, they receive additional training in the specialty above and beyond that offered by general dentists. They also go through regular dental school, so they receive all the same basic lessons and access to practice spaces. The extra training includes more intensive study of the complications and additional surgical techniques associated with implants, as well as a lot more time observing and placing implants under observation. The result is a chance to deepen the specialist’s understanding of implant placement.

More Practice in the Field

General dentists are competent professionals, but they don’t place dental implants as often as most periodontists do. That’s because most dentists see patients for such a wide range of needs that those who require implants only make up a small slice of their total patient base. By contrast, periodontists serve patients who are fighting gum disease and those at high risk of it, so far more of their patients wind up needing implants. As a result, they place more and have a generally higher level of in the field experience.

Support Procedures for Gum Disease Patients

While it’s certainly true that patients need implants for a variety of reasons, the complications requiring tissue grafts are far more common for gum disease patients. A periodontist in Manhattan, NY, is more likely to have a wide range of these options available due to their specialty. Contact our office today for a consultation if you are considering implants.

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