What to Expect During Dental Implant Surgery

Dental patient smiling after implant surgery.

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Dental patient smiling after implant surgery

Getting a new smile with dental implants can be an exciting process. But it can also be one filled with questions and concerns. While you should never undergo dental implant surgery from a dentist you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s normal to wonder what you can expect at this appointment. The steps of dental implant surgery are simple, though the treatment itself is highly complex. With the expertise of a skilled implant dentist completing this procedure, you can anticipate the entire appointment lasting just a few hours.

The steps of dental implant surgery

  • Helping you feel comfortable and relaxed

Dental implant surgery is minimally invasive with today’s modern surgical techniques and doesn’t require more than local numbing agents. However, if you need sedation to help you relax, this will be administered once you’re comfortable in the surgical suite. Be sure to let your dentist and team know if at any point you feel anxious or uncomfortable.

  • Placing your dental implant

Your implant dentist will first create a small area of exposure in the gum tissue. Then, using a specialized tool, he or she will carefully insert the dental implant into the bone. Many dentists today rely on guided technology to assist during surgery. This dental technology provides an extreme level of precision so that the dental implant is placed in the best position for long-term function.

  • Securing the site for healing

Your dentist may either place a healing abutment at this time to help the gums heal or suture the gum tissue to cover over the dental implant. Some dentists also utilize advanced healing techniques. Growth factors derived from a sample of the patient’s blood and placed at the surgical site can accelerate the healing of the soft tissue and bone. If a provisional cannot be attached the day of your surgical appointment, these techniques can shorten the time you’ll need to wait for your final restoration.

Have more questions?

The dental implant surgery process is nothing you need to feel anxious about. With the right implant dentist leading your treatment, you should expect to have a pleasant experience and see great long-term results. Schedule an appointment with our local office today to learn more!

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