Looking To Get Treated WIth The Pinhole© Surgical Technique In New York, NY? You Have Come To The Right Place!

a graphic image of gums and teeth that have been affected by gum recession and are being treated with the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

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When people have gum recession, a result of gum disease, then they will want to get treated with a trusted and reliable gum recession procedure. While traditional gum grafting can treat peoples gum disease, the Pinhole© Surgical Technique in New York, NY can give patients a minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure experience.

Here is more on why people should treat their gum recession treated with the Pinhole Surgical Technique.


How Does The Pinhole Surgical Technique Treat My Gum Recession?

The traditional treatment for gum recession, known as gum grafting, can be quite messy and uncomfortable. This is because gum grafting is an invasive surgical procedure that requires incisions, manipulation of the gum tissue, and it can result in excessive bleeding that may require sutures.

Healing times following a gum grafting procedure can vary and last long periods of time. This can cause a delay in receiving any restorative dental procedures following gum grafting procedures, such as dental implants.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique in New York, NY, on the other hand, is minimally invasive and treats gum recession by restoring the patients gum tissue and smile back to a healthy state. It is virtually pain-free and a great alternative to traditional gum grafting. Additional benefits to getting treated with the Pinhole Surgical Technique Include:

  • Immediate aesthetic improvements
  • No scalpels, incisions, and sutures
  • Single-visit treatment
  • Fast recovery time
  • Minimal bleeding

With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, the health of the patient’s gums can be fully restored and receding gums can be a thing of the past.

Why Should I Treat Gum Recession?

There are numerous reasons why gum recession should be treated with an advanced technique. But, what exactly is gum recession? When dental hygiene is subpar, bacteria from food particles can get trapped in between teeth and the gum line, releasing harmful toxins.

These symptoms indicate that people have gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to people having gum recession. When the gumline recedes, tooth roots – which contain bundles of sensory nerves – can become exposed. This can make peoples teeth very sensitive to cold or hot foods or beverages, and even touch, resulting in increased pain or discomfort.

Receding gums can also result in the production of cavities due to the presence of harmful bacteria in the gum tissues. This is why people should treat their receding gums with the advanced Pinhole Surgical Technique.


See Us Now So We Can Treat Your Receding Gums With The Pinhole Surgical Technique

In order to get the most predictable and comfortable procedure results, you should treat your gum recession with the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Alexander Volchonok, Dr. Michele Volchonok, and our exceptional team at our AVPeriodontics office to schedule an appointment today!

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