Implant-Supported Dentures: The Most Affordable Dental Implant Solution

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Dental implants range in use cases from a single implant to replace a single missing tooth to several implants anchoring a full set of replacement teeth. For people needing a full set of dental implants, often called full arch dental implants, the total price of a full package can give them pause. However, there’s a spectrum of full arch dental implants that range from affordable to premium. Implant-supported dentures fall on the affordable side of the spectrum, yet they still perform much better than conventional dentures. Take a look at implant-supported dentures and learn why they still perform well, despite being an entry-level option.


What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

In general, dental implants all work the same way. A biocompatible material, often titanium, that has been fashioned into a screw-like form factor, is embedded in the jawbones just the way natural teeth are rooted in the jawbones. The biocompatible material fuses with the jawbone over the course of months, providing a firm foundation for the restorations.

The restorations are what sets different styles of dental implant solutions apart. In the case of implant-supported dentures, specialized dentures are anchored to six to eight dental implants per row of teeth.


What Makes Them Affordable?

There are two primary elements that help bring down the price of implant-supported dentures: form factor and materials.

While higher-end restoration styles are permanently affixed to dental implants, the implant-supported dentures snap onto dental implants and they can be removed by the wearer.

Top of the line restoration options use a series of dental bridges made of premium zirconia, providing durability that could last a person the rest of their life.



Implant-supported dentures provide much more stability and reliability than conventional dentures. Though they aren’t on par with other full mouth dental implant solutions, they can serve as a starting point that you can upgrade later on.


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