How Can Zirconia Dental Implants Help Me In New York, NY?

an image of a zirconia full mouth dental implant model. the 4 zirconia dental implant posts can be seen in the dental implant models gum line.

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Currently dealing with missing, damaged, or misshaped teeth due to various reasons, including trauma, gum disease, or any other reason for tooth loss? Dental implants are a great restoration option to provide a brand-new smile! Dental implants are made of different materials that are strong and long-lasting, including zirconia.

Zirconia dental implants in New York, NY may be recommended by a trusted periodontist for a strong, functional, and beautiful new smile. With zirconia dental implants, patients can have healthy teeth that improves the quality of their life.


How Are Zirconia Dental Implant Procedures Performed?

Zirconia dental implants are placed into a patient’s jawbone, stimulating the jawbone and making it healthy and strong. The prosthetic that is placed on top of the zirconia dental implants are customized to look patients’ natural teeth. Zirconia implants are an FDA-approved alternative to traditional titanium implants.

Like their counterpart, zirconia implants are designed to both mimic the natural tooth root and prevent jawbone loss, while adding to the smile’s aesthetics and function. A skilled periodontist can place zirconia implants for patients who desire an allergy and metal-free alternative to traditional dental implants.

Zirconia dental implants in New York, NY are quickly becoming the go-to tooth replacement method for those looking for a permanent solution to their missing teeth. Zirconia dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.


What Are The Benefits Of Getting Treated With Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia dental implants are a great, hypoallergenic, sturdy alternative to titanium dental implants and can provide the following benefits:

  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Biocompatible and nonporous
  • Customized for every patient

Basically, compared to titanium implants, zirconia dental implants are a great ‘metal-free’ option for patients who have titanium allergies. Zirconia dental implants are also bio-compatible, strong, durable, non-corrosive, heat-resistant, and a great holistic alternative to metal implants.

In recent studies, it has even been found that the zirconia implants and abutments are made to retain less plaque and bacteria buildup. With less plaque and bacteria buildup, the risk of patients getting inflammation and infection with this effective dental procedure is greatly reduced.

With Zirconia dental implants, patients can go back to eating the foods they love, can speak and talk with ease, and they smile confidently. The zirconia dental implant procedure is life-changing and can give patients’ lives back.


Zirconia Dental Implants Could Be Right For You

Zirconia dental implants are a hypoallergenic, sturdy and highly effective tooth restoration option that can give you fully functional and long-lasting results. Are zirconia dental implants right for you? Get in contact with Dr. Alexander Volchonok and our team of dental professionals at our AVPeriodontics office to schedule an appointment with us today! We are here to answer all of your questions about this advanced procedure.

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