A Look at Your Gum Disease Treatment Options

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Even the more severe cases of gum disease can be successfully treated and the patient’s smile completely reconstructed. But to do so, it’ll take at least a few surgical procedures to rein in gum disease. 

If you’ve been suffering from gum disease and want to avoid surgery, there are a lot of minimally invasive treatment options. However, those options tend to be more viable for sooner rather than later. Therefore, you’ll want to act with urgency and consult with a dentist if you have untreated gum disease. These are some of the options for minimally invasive gum disease treatment.

LANAP Laser Gum Surgery

Fortunately, a more gentle, minimally invasive technique known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, is available to treat gum disease. As an efficient alternative to conventional gum surgery, laser gum surgery can treat gum disease cases ranging in severity from mild to severe. 

During laser gum surgery, decaying gum tissue is carefully eradicated using the laser light, while leaving the healthy gum tissue completely intact. Laser dentistry is so efficient, you won’t need stitches after laser gums surgery and the bleeding is minimal. 

Additional advantages of using LANAP compared to traditional procedures include:

  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Minimal bleeding and pain
  • Multiple teeth can be treated at once
  • Faster healing/recovery time and minimal downtime
  • Promotes healthy bone and gum regrowth
  • Can be used with dental implants in place

Though laser dentistry can treat severe cases of gum disease, the most severe are often better served by conventional gum surgery because of the need to access the roots of teeth.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning is a bit more intensive than a basic teeth cleaning, but not nearly as involved as gum surgery. A deep cleaning is also known as scaling and root planing, named after the duo of procedures it entails.

Scaling is just the same as deep cleaning as a basic cleaning, with one main distinction. The scaling of tartar from the teeth extends below the gumline to the roots.

With the roots cleaned, a dentist or hygienist will smooth over the roots so minimize pockets of space between the roots and the gums. The reduction of these pockets, created by gum disease, helps eliminate gum disease. This is of vital importance to ensure bacterial infection that causes gum disease is impeded from spreading to other organs and parts of the body, thereby potentially leading to systemic illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Therefore selecting a dental professional that has the expertise in treating gum disease and promoting the outcomes of a healthy smile is so important. 

Dr. Alexander Volchonok and the skilled team at AV Periodontics in New York, NY offer the latest, most advanced technology to achieve the goals of a healthy smile and gums in a comfortable and convenient manner. Rest assured that, as a patient of Dr. Volchonok, you will receive the care you need from a gum disease specialist!

Say Goodbye to Gum Disease Today!

Call Dr. Volchonok and the talented team at AV Periodontics today to set up an appointment to learn more about your options for gum disease relief and get back to having a healthy, infection free smile and gums!

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