Tired Of Traditional Dentures? You Should Get Treated With Implant Supported Dentures In New York, NY!

Implant supported denture model.

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Traditional dentures can be used to replaced failing or missing teeth. Over time, however, traditional dentures can become loose or ill-fitting. Loose or ill-fitting traditional dentures can make it hard for people to have a functional and confident smile. For those who have become tired of the inconveniences of traditional dentures, they should get treated with implant supported dentures in New York, NY.

Continue reading to learn more about why people should upgrade their smile to implant supported dentures.


Why Should You Get Treated With Implant Supported Dentures In New York, NY?

Unlike traditional dentures, which only sit on the patient’s gumline, implant supported dentures use two or more dental implants to secure a denture to a patient’s jawbone. This is because, after the two or more dental implant posts are strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone, the dental implant posts fuse with surrounding jawbone and become a permanent part of the patients smile.

Because the dental implant posts act like natural tooth roots, when the dental implant posts are in the patient’s jawbone, they stimulate it like a natural tooth root would. The stimulation keeps the jawbone strong and healthy so that it can support the patients new smile for years to come.

With the dental implant posts securely in the patient’s jawbone, the denture that is placed on top of them it will not move around or fall out of the patient’s mouth. This is how implant supported dentures give patients a stable and confident new smile.

How Are Implant Supported Dentures Securely Placed In The Patients Jawbone?

In order for implant supported dentures to be securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, the patient will have to first have a personalized consultation with a skilled periodontist. The periodontist will check the patient’s oral health and make a customized implant supported denture procedure plan to fit their specific smile during the consultation.

Next, the dental implants will be strategically placed in the patients mouth so the full arch denture can be stabilized. When people go to a quality periodontist for their implant supported dentures, they can look forward to having a reliable new smile.

These Are The Benefits Of Implant Supported Dentures

When people upgrade their smile from traditional dentures to implant supported dentures, they can look forward to experiencing the following benefits from them:

  • Permanent results with proper care
  • Stable and secure biting functionality
  • No messy adhesives
  • No clicking, shifting, or slipping dentures
  • More comfortable new smile
  • High end, lifelike appearance
  • Preserves jawbone health
  • Increases smile confidence


Come See Us Now For Your Implant Supported Dentures

Are you ready to upgrade your smile from traditional dentures to implant supported dentures? Get in contact with Dr. Alexander Volchonok and our exceptional team at our AVPeriodontics office to schedule an appointment today!

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