Tips for Caring for Your New Dental Implants After Placement

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If you’re like most dental implant candidates, the placement procedure will likely be much more comfortable than you’re anticipating. And if you take the right precautions and follow all of the aftercare guidance from your dentist, your post-surgery experience should be similarly free of discomfort. Take a look at some of the things your dentist will recommend to help you minimize discomfort and heal quickly after your dental implants placement surgery.

Aftercare Tips

You’ll notice some swelling around the implant site, or sites, in the days after your placement procedures. This is normal. And as long as you follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions carefully, this swelling and tenderness should subside in just a few days.

Here’s a quick look at some of the things your doctor will recommend you do in days following implant placement:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages during the first day
  • Sleep with your head elevated to keep pressure off the implant sites
  • Avoid spitting, swishing liquids in your mouth or drinking through a straw at first
  • Take anti-inflammatory medication as directed to help bring down the swelling and to keep discomfort to a minimum
  • Place a bag of ice near the inflamed areas to help bring down the swelling, applying the bag in ten-minute intervals with 15 minutes of rest in between

Enjoying Food

Even with your temporary teeth, it’ll be a few months before you’ll be able to fully chew food. These tips can help you enjoy food, even while you’re unable to fully chew it:

Consume only blended foods for the first few days

Separate the components of your meal into “dishes” for variety, rather than blending them all together

Try casseroles, pasta, fully cooked vegetables, flaky fish, baked potatoes and other soft foods as the healing progresses

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