The Benefits of Advanced Healing Techniques

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For most patients undergoing oral surgery, they likely want to heal as fast and healthily as possible. One of the ways your periodontist can help you experience this is with advanced healing techniques using plasma rich growth factors (PRGF). Even for more major surgeries, such as bone grafting and dental implant placement, PRGF can help ensure the healing period is fast and comfortable.

What Are Plasma Rich Growth Factors?

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself using proteins and can recover well after oral surgery, in most cases. These proteins are what help in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Modern medicine has found a way to make this recovery even more smooth and fast using advanced healing techniques and PRGF. Plasma rich growth factors are created from a sample of the patient’s own blood that is spun in a centrifuge. This spinning separates out highly concentrated growth factors from the rest of the sample, which can then be added to the surgical site.

Why Use PRGF During Oral Surgery?

PRGF helps the body heal and regrow new tissues after surgery. Because the sample is from the patient, the risk of infection and post-operative complications are significantly reduced. This treatment can be completed conveniently in the office and ready to be used at the time of surgery. It’s an incredibly safe and effective addition to any oral surgery treatment. Most patients are candidates for PRGF and are especially helpful for patients who have trouble healing or have a compromised immune system, such as those with systemic diseases like diabetes. PRGF has numerous additional benefits, including:

  • Regeneration of hard and soft tissues
  • Accelerated healing at the surgical site
  • Reduced risk of post-op infection
  • Limited pain and swelling after surgery


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If you need oral surgery, PRGF may be a helpful addition to your treatment that can accelerate your healing after the procedure. Schedule a consultation with your periodontist to learn more.

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