LANAP: Getting Gum Disease Under Control with Laser Dentistry

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In the past, one of the top options for regaining control over a mouth ravaged by gum disease was to undergo gum surgery, also known as “osseous surgery.” That entailed incisions to the gums, scaling tartar and decay from the roots of teeth, and then sewing the gums back together. These days, osseous surgery is the only option for the most severe cases of gum disease. However, laser gum surgery is now a top option for a wide range of gum disease cases, from mild to severe. Take a look at the LANAP® laser protocol and learn how laser dentistry can help you maintain your oral health or get it back on track.


What is Laser Gum Surgery?

Once gum disease progresses from its early stages to periodontitis, the damage it does to the gums become irreversible. And because you can’t grow new gums, one of the best ways to combat periodontitis is to remove the infection. Laser gum surgery entails eradicating the disease areas of the gums using intense laser light. Conventional gum surgery entails using a scalpel to remove the diseased gum tissue.

There are various uses for lasers in dentistry. Some are tuned for teeth whitening, others for biopsies, others for managing gum disease. LANAP is a brand and a laser protocol used for managing gum disease.


What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of undergoing laser gum surgery instead of conventional gum surgery, including the following:

Minimal bleeding – because of the accuracy and efficiency of the laser, bleeding will be minimal

No stitches needed – you won’t need to have your gums stitched back together, due to the efficiency of the laser

A single appointment – because you won’t need a followup to have stitches removed, you’ll only need a single appointment

Quick healing – your gums will heal much faster


More on LANAP in New York, NY

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