How Periodontics Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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When the red flags emerge, it may seem as if gum disease has suddenly sprung from nowhere. In truth, gum disease develops slowly and quietly. Because of how stealthy it is, it can be easy for some people to ignore those initial warning signs and the slow decline in their quality of life. With a bit of help from your dentist and a little determination, you can get gum disease back under control. And when you do, you’ll likely notice improvements in your everyday like. Find out how periodontics, the treatment of gum disease, and restore your quality of life.

A More Confident Smile: Gum Recession Treatment

Gum disease can attack your smile in a number of ways, from inflamed gums to receding gums. In many cases, restorative care for gum disease often delivers cosmetic results as well. Having your gum disease treated will enhance your smile and could help you feel more confident in it.

Here’s a look at how restorative dentistry can treat your gum disease and enhance your smile:

  • Gum recession – receding gums make the teeth look longer. Gum grafting techniques, such as The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique can be used pull the gumline back towards its previous position.
  • Inflammation and bleeding – Dental lasers can be used to eradicate diseased gum tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact. A deep cleaning or related procedure can remove decay from below the gumline.
  • Gummy smile – excess gum tissue is removed to reveal more of the teeth.

Less Discomfort: A Healthier Smile

A healthier smile looks better, and it feels much better as well. A healthier smile makes everyday tasks more comfortable. You can spend more time thinking about how good your food tastes and no longer get distracted by the taste of blood, seeping from bruised and swollen gums. You won’t have to contend with sores in your mouth, discharge from your gums or loosening teeth when you eat.

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