How Dental Implants Change Lives

dental implants manhattan

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dental implants manhattan

In a matter of months, you and your dentist can offset years of damage done to your teeth and gums. And though the whole journey will take months, the major milestone of having your dental implants placed will happen during a single dentist’s appointment. After the point, you’ll notice a drastic difference in your quality of life. Take a look at how dental implants can change your life.

A New Reason to Smile

Dental implants can make it easier for you to smile since they can fill the gaps where natural teeth were once planted. And in the case of dentures, those anchored by dental implants won’t slide around in your mouth. With conventional dentures, it can be hard to fully trust them to stay in place when smiling, talking or eating.

Back on the Menu

Because of the stability dental implants deliver, you can again enjoy foods you had to give up simply because they were too tough to get through with your remaining natural teeth or your conventional dentures weren’t reliable enough.

Can You Hear Me

Another benefit of the stability of dental implants and their ability to stay firmly in place in your mouth is that they won’t distort your words. With conventional dentures, poor adhesion can lead to them sliding around in your mouth and distorting your words. The same is often true of getting a single dental implant or just a few of them.

The gaps left behind from missing teeth can distort the sound of your words, an issue that can be resolved by having dental implants placed where the natural teeth were once planted.

Better Oral Health

A damaged tooth can turn into an incubator for bacteria. And jawbone starts to deteriorate when a tooth falls out. Having dental implants placed will help you preserve your jawbone and can get rid of rotting teeth, replacing them with brand new teeth. These improvements give you a better chance at stopping gum disease and preserving your jawbone, which will ultimately preserve the symmetry of your smile.

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