Holistic Tooth Replacement with Zirconia Dental Implants

Model Of A Placed Dental Implant

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If you desire to replace your missing teeth but are concerned about metal-based titanium dental implants, you have options! Zirconia dental implants are the holistic and hypoallergenic alternative to traditional dental implants. Without fearing having metal inside your mouth, you can still receive the permanent benefits that dental implants offer.

What Are Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia dental implants have similar structures to titanium dental implants, but these ceramic implants are more naturally aesthetic as they’re tooth-colored, from post to crown. Though fewer long-term studies exist as to the longevity of zirconia implants, they’re as strong and durable as titanium. Most zirconia implants are also a single piece, different than their three-piece titanium counterparts. Without any part of zirconia dental implants being made of metal, they’re a biologically healthy alternative, especially for patients who have a metal allergy.

Fully customized to your smile, the dental implants and the crowns (or full arch) are fabricated from a solid block of zirconia, one of the strongest materials in dentistry. Zirconia is biocompatible and naturally tooth-colored. Unlike acrylic dentures and even other full arch options, zirconia full mouth dental implants won’t stain, chip, or break.

The Benefits of Zirconia Implants


Zirconia is naturally translucent and tooth colored, so the entire dental implant has the appearance of a natural tooth, from the post inserted into the jawbone to the visible tooth crown/full arch bridge. We can customize this restoration to your smile specifications and to complement your facial features, gum and lip line, and even your skin tone. 

Your new teeth will also be custom colored to match your natural gums as well as shaded to the brightness you desire. This optimizes aesthetics, especially for patients who have thin gums through which a traditional implant post may be noticeable. 

The single-piece system also maintains better gum tissue health and reduces the risk of inflammation and infection, while also having the smooth and polished surface of the zirconia material feeling comfortable against your gums and resist staining. 


Zirconia dental implants are incredibly strong and durable. How traditional dental implant are made is by securing porcelain teeth into an acrylic base, which is essentially plastic, or a titanium base, which can show through your gum line and be (rarely) allergy inducing. 

Zirconia implants eliminate the weaknesses common with the two-material design of these traditional solutions by having all three parts of the implant (Post, Abuntment, and Crown/Arch) be made from zirconium ceramic. 

They are also highly biocompatible like titanium implants, integrating well with the natural jawbone. An added advantage is that they’re non-corrosive and heat-resistant for long-term function. Once placed and restored, zirconia dental implants will also provide the strength needed for you to bite and chew a variety of healthy foods. 


The unique single-piece design of zirconia dental implants means they sit more snuggly within the gumline. This allows for easier maintenance and cleaning of the teeth and gum tissues. 

For most patients, inflammation and bleeding are very rare around zirconia implants. Better oral health overall can help ensure better physical health, too.

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