Don’t Know When You Should Get Gum Recession Treatments In New York, NY? We Can Help You Figure That Out

Dr. Volchonok.

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When people have gum recession, their tooth roots will become exposed. Having exposed tooth roots places people’s oral health at significant risk. This is because, with receding gums, the patients tooth becomes susceptible to damage and decay. Luckily, at a skilled and trusted periodontist’s practice, people can get their gum recession expertly treated with gum recession treatments in New York, NY.

Want to learn exactly when people should get gum recession treatments? Continue reading to learn when exactly people should get gum recession treatments.

When Should You Get Gum Recession Treatments?

Because gum recession can negatively affect a person’s smile in so many ways, people will want to get it predictably and precisely treated with gum recession treatments. The following explains when exactly people should get treated with gum recession treatments in New York, NY, so that they can save the health, function, and look of their smile.

Have Tooth Sensitivities:

People experiencing tooth sensitivities, caused by their gum recession, often find themselves in discomfort due to their exposed tooth roots. This tooth sensitivity can cause a sharp pain or discomfort when people are consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. In these cases, it is crucial for people with gum recession to seek gum recession treatments.

Gum recession treatments not only treat gum recession by covering the exposed tooth roots, it also significantly reduces, if not eliminates, their tooth sensitivity. Gum recession treatments like gum grafting can be particularly effective, as they involve placing new tissue around the affected area to protect the patient’s tooth roots and decrease their tooth sensitivity.

Early intervention is key to preventing further gum recession, ensuring that patients can enjoy a large range of foods without discomfort.

Have Longer Looking Teeth:

When people have longer-looking teeth, it is often an indicator that their gum recession is progressing. This is because more of the person’s tooth surface becomes visible as their gum line progressively recedes. This not only affects the aesthetic look of the person’s smile it also exposes their tooth to potential damage and decay.

In cases like these, gum recession treatments are highly recommended to restore the patient’s gum line to its natural position, effectively covering the exposed portion of their tooth or teeth. Through gum recession treatments, like gum grafting, a periodontist can restore the patient’s gum line to its natural position, giving them a healthy and youthful-looking new smile.

Have Gum Disease:

One of the most common causes of gum recession, is gum disease. When plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth and along the gum line, it can cause inflammation and irritation, leading to receding gums. If left untreated, this condition can worsen and eventually lead to tooth loss. In such cases, getting gum recession treatments is essential for preventing further damage and restore the patient’s oral health.

Have Yellow Looking Teeth:

People with yellow-looking teeth, because they have gum recession, may notice that their teeth are discolored because of the exposure of their tooth root. This discoloration can often make the person’s teeth look unhealthy. In such cases, gum recession treatments will not only help in covering the person’s exposed tooth roots, thereby reducing their yellow appearance, it can also contribute to improving their overall oral health.

Gum recession treatments, like gum grafting can be used to bring the gum line to a more natural position, effectively covering the tooth root and reducing the visibility of the yellowed areas. Addressing gum recession can also prevent the tooth root from being further exposed.

Have Dark Triangular Spacing Between Teeth:

People who have dark triangular spacing between their teeth, a condition caused by gum recession, will have cosmetic dentistry concerns and also potential oral health issues. As a person’s gums recede, the natural contour and support for their teeth diminish, leading to them having unsightly and concerning tooth gaps.

Luckily gum recession treatments can successfully address gum recession. By undergoing gum recession treatments like soft tissue grafting, the periodontist can rebuild the patient’s gum tissue, minimizing or eliminating the dark spaces between their teeth.

This gum recession treatment not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s smile, giving them a more uniform and healthy-looking gum line, it also restores the natural structure of the patient’s gums around their teeth. This can significantly reduce the risk of food and bacteria accumulation in those spaces, which are otherwise difficult to clean and are prone to fostering tooth decay.

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